• Republicans Are Smarter than Democrats–and More Liberal!

    In which our host knocks down some of the myths surrounding Republicans and presents instead the Revolting Truth that they are smarter, kinder, more compassionate and more liberal than their Democrat counterparts. (Full transcript here.)

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  • Is Christianity Essential for Freedom?

    PJTV member “Will Do Math for Food” asks if Jesus’ followers created the best basis for a “pursuit of happiness” society? Is Christianity the sine qua non?

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  • Hostage jacket crop

    MindWar #2: Hostage Run

    Andrew’s MindWar trilogy of sci-fi thrillers for young adults continues this March with Hostage Run.  It’s available for pre-order now at Amazon and Barnes & Noble and elsewhere. Here’s the description: Rick Dial is faced with an impossible…

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  • Werewolf Cop Edit

    “Werewolf Cop” Is Coming

    A riveting new novel for adults from Andrew, Werewolf Cop, is set for publication in March. “Werewolf Cop moves like a freight train–a classic white-knuckled police procedural with the chills of a midnight horror movie, and the best kind of old-fashioned…

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