The “Hurt Locker” Question

Is Oscar contender The Hurt Locker the first good movie about the war in Iraq – or just another mindless Hollywood attack on the troops who keep us safe?  I debated the issue over the holidays with John Nolte, the movie meister who runs Andrew Breitbart’s terrific Big Hollywood website.  We began with an email exchange, then went on to a mud wrestling match and finally decided it with a sabre duel only one of us survived – though I’m not sure yet which one.

Finally, when the blood dried, I wrote about it for the Manhattan Institute’s wonderful City Journal:

“Radical Islam’s long war against the West has been an occasion for shame for the U.S. movie industry. Unable to shake its effete anti-American pose, trapped in the squirrelly maze of a pernicious multicultural creed, Hollywood’s knee-jerk reaction to the conflict has been to make film after half-baked film depicting our warriors as fools or monsters who commit atrocities at the behest of a cynical or criminal leadership.

A principled opposition to war is no offense. But to manufacture, while your nation’s armies are in the field, what are essentially propaganda tools for the enemy—and for an enemy as low and malevolent as the jihadis, at that—is simply a bad act, a base act. Audiences have stayed away in droves, appalled, I suspect, to find that the imaginations they turn to for their entertainment have become wholly untethered from moral reality.”

That’s just the beginning.  Read the whole thing here.

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