Hey, Republicans: Don’t Suck!

A great week for liberty.  Scott Brown breaks the left’s stranglehold on power.  The Supreme Court resurrects freedom of speech.  The Obama administration’s hapless incompetence in dealing with terrorism is exposed in Congress.  And, for comic relief, John Edwards is forced to admit he doesn’t just look like a sleazeball, he is one.

All of these things are more or less good for truth, justice and the American way but it just so happens they might also be good for Republicans as well and help them get back some of the power they lost in the last two elections.

So here’s  some advice for the GOP:  Don’t suck!  Try it, really, it’ll be a change of pace for you.  If you want more power, use what power you have the way you should.  Work to cut government, work to cut spending, try to come up with free market solutions to real problems, try not to kowtow to the mainstream media at the expense of the people and, if you need some instructions on how to behave, try reading the Constitution instead of the New York Times.

Don’t Suck, Republicans.  That’s step one.  We won’t worry about step two until you get there.

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