Silent Victory

On Saturday, the United States Marine Corps ended nearly seven years in Iraq.  They left victorious, due to their own valor and to the steely resolve of their former Commander-in-Chief George W. Bush.  Their battle against Islamic terror in the region included the fight for Fallujah, a triumph of martial skill and courage that will stand with Iwo Jima among the greatest battles in the Marines’ storied history.

If you are fool enough to turn to the New York Times for your news of the world, you have no idea any of this took place.  The Times buried the withdrawal of the Marines at the very bottom of a story about Vice President Joe What’s-his-name visiting the region to whine about some Blackwater guys not being prosecuted for something or other.

Now, of course, an American can reasonably oppose our military’s presence in Iraq.  But by what reasoning can a so-called newspaper declare that our Marines’ triumphant withdrawal is not front page news?  None, except that it serves the purpose of obscuring the Marines’ heroism and the heroism of Bush.  The New York Times presents the news the same way some piece-of-garbage thug in a police interrogation room explains where he was last night.  The Times editors know that if they tell the truth about a lot of little things, they might just be able to obscure the one big truth that condemns them:  that the world is not at all as they say it is.

Their paper is a living lie.

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  • DWH

    Yes the NYT’S hates Bushes war in Iraq, and could not report on the marines withdrawal from this fight, because they are being shipped to the war two countries to the east that our current commander in chief has esculated, even though he promised to end both wars to get elected.

  • Peter

    Pity they can’t come home to America and fight our REAL enemies!!

  • Endivio Roquefort I

    Sometimes I turn to Google in the hope that my more daring feats of wordplay will prove to be original – they rarely are. It’s actually quite difficult to put three or four English words together in a manner that is both intelligible and utterly original. But that phrase that jumps out of this article at the reader like a scalded cat – I refer, of course, to “the heroism of Bush” – immediately struck me as a possible first-timer. I checked. “heroism of Bush”, in quotes, actually gets four Google hits, but yours is the only one that refers to George W, so I guess that makes it unique. I’ve been looking for a site that says unique things for a long time. I shall be back.