Me On Them On Me

Patrick Goldstein, lefty LA Times movie dude, unloaded on me the other day for my take on Inglorious Basterds (see below).  I responded by having John Nolte go over there and kneecap the guy (you do not want to mess with Nolte).  But there was a smarter and more considered response from S.T. Karnick over at The American Culture.

Speaking of American Culture, this is a bit self-referential or infinitely regressive or whatever, but Daniel Crandall also has a very nice piece up there, taking note that I’ve shut down my Pajamas Media blog and have been mouthing off over here instead.

All of which gives me a chance to point readers here over there.  American Culture is an excellent site, a strong salient in the war to win back the arts for sanity – a war I’m very optimistic about, by the way.  So use the link here to take you there and the link there to take you back here and just keep doing that until you start to feel kind of silly.

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