Rambling With Gambling

I’ve been doing a lot of radio interviews to promote the publication of The Long Way Home.  One of these days I’ll create a page that has my appearance schedule but for now I’d just like to mention that I’m scheduled to be on with my old friend and all-around  righteous dude John Gambling this coming Tuesday, February 9, at 8:40 AM eastern time.  John does the morning show at New York’s WOR NewsTalk Radio 710 where I used to work as a news writer in the 80′s.  But our association goes back longer than that, before either of us was born, in fact.

John’s father, also John, also had the WOR morning show back in the day – “Rambling with Gambling” it was called – and used to vie for first place in the ratings with my father Gene, who was half the morning team of Klavan and Finch over at WNEW.  After my Dad left WNEW, he went over to WOR in the afternoon slot and he and his old rival worked together for a brief period.  (The link will take you to a series of 1978 TV ads, one of which is for the Klavan/Gambling combination.)

Now after a while, the present John Gambling began to do appearances on his father’s show in preparation for taking over.  By then, my father had retired.  One day, I took my then baby daughter to see WNEW, the radio station where her grandfather used to work.  When we got there, I was shocked to discover that the entire building had been torn down.  There was now just a big hole in the ground where WNEW used to be.

That was when I realized I had been born into the wrong radio dynasty!

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