“President Me!” The Musical

It’s boffo!  The new Klavan on the Culture video from PJTV.  Recently the Germans put on a musical called “Hope” about the election of Barack Obama.  Knowing the Germans sometimes get their political leaders all wrong, I decided to write an Obama musical of my own.  Impressario Justin Folk supplied the Broadway level visuals.

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  • http://pascalfervor.blogspot.com/ Pascal (the derivative)

    You did that affecting with an excellent off-key delivery that is so woefully suggestive of our nation’s current status.

    If I had the talent I’d even go back and pepper in just the right strains from Tchaikovsky’s 6th Symphony to accompany those moments when you were feigned to be upbeat. President Me deserves to have the Pathetique dedicated to him before his administration finishes the job on us.

  • john of Louisanna

    This was great, telling it like it really is, but wished it was longer! Yes, I’d love to see it go live on the road, with real music to tell all those fools that voted for “President ME”!!!