Me Vs Avatar

There’s a really well-done interview with me posted at the excellent CNSNews website.  Includes a nice mention of my new novel  The Long Way Home which – have I mentioned? – you can buy on Amazon if you hit the link.

But I also appreciate that Senior Staff Writer Penny Starr did a fine job of accurately reporting my views on the film Avatar and on Hollywood leftism in general, especially this:

“Klavan said he does not blame Cameron or other left-leaning Hollywood types for the lack of films or books reflecting conservative values. He said it is up to people with those values — and the money to back projects — to promote them, not just politically but culturally.”

Read the whole thing here.

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  • Chuck Norton

    So glad I decided not to go see that movie.

    Thanks Andrew

  • http://none jean clyde mason

    Just discovered the brilliant, witty, honest Andrew Klavan.
    I’m forwarding all of his great Youtube rants to friends.
    Take care, Andrew, you are sorely needed to reveal the CRAP
    that may have overwhelmed our great nation. The last and only FREE country in the world.
    To me……God is Love

    Jean Clyde