Praise For “Long Way Home”

Daniell Crandall posts a glowing review for The Long Way Home with our friends at The American Culture.

“Andrew Klavan’s latest grabs you at the opening, with a life or death knife fight in a public library’s bathroom, and never lets go. With this book, Andrew goes head to head with video games for kids’, and probably some adults’, attention and comes out on top.”

Read the whole thing here.  And hit the book title to go to Amazon.

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  • Christine de Klerk

    Thank you, Andrew, for a great read for young adults. It is very rare to find something that is exciting and action packed,but at the same time has good moral standards and best of all—a hero that knows God and reads the Bible!! Please keep writing these books,our kids need them!I
    applaud you and am a big fan.

    Kind regards

  • Nicholas R.

    I was NOT a reader until I picked up “The Last Thing I Remember” and I got sucked in. Yesterday I started “The Long Way Home” and I literally cannot put it down (I never thought I would ever say that about a book). So, Mr. Klavan, THANK YOU for making reading fun and exciting and teaching good morals throughout the journey of Charlie.
    I’m anxious for the new release in November!

  • Callie

    Mr. Klavan,
    I have been searching all my teen years for this kind of book. And now that I am in my twenties I have finally found them! I don’t even waste my time at book stores looking anymore (to much scum not worth my time)! YES! A book that is clean, with morals, PRO AMERICA, dripping with ACTION, with a Hero who relies on God to get him through impossible situations instead of himself. You knocked it out of the park! KUDOS! Thanks ABUNCH!

  • Mary

    My twelve-year-old son finished “The Long Way Home” the other day and said, “Mr. Klavan is so lucky…he knows how the Homelanders series ends.” I’ve been too busy to read “The Last Thing I Remembered” until today, when I was sick in bed. Now I have to wait until the 4 friends on his waiting list finish “The Long Way Home” before it’s my turn. Looking forward to it, even more so since my son says it’s more interesting and complex than the first book.

    Thanks for a compelling series that reinforces conservative values. We enjoy you on PJTV too.

    Thanks for a fabulous series for this age group.