Emperor Me

An article up at Spero News describes me as being “rather like a one-man media empire.” I wish they’d added, “but better looking.” No such luck. Here’s how it begins:

“Andrew Klavan is already the author of several crime novels. Turned into Hollywood movies,“True Crime” and “Don’t Say a Word” featured Clint Eastwood and Michael Douglas, respectively, and featured Klavan’s celebrated storytelling skills. He was also the screenwriter for a Michael Caine thriller, “A Shock to the System.” His latest novel for adults is the political thriller ‘Empire of Lies.’ Rather like a one-man media empire, he writes op-eds on religion, culture and politics for leading newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal, serves as a contributing editor of the City Journal of the Manhattan Institute, and appears on video at PJTV.com.”

And the rest is here.

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  • Edmond D. Smith

    Well, you IS da man.

    I just finished Empire of Lies, by the way. A truly great read. But how did you ever get all that anti-pc stuff in there? I mean without being blackballed from the very pc publishing business? That alone is quite an achievement.

  • http://www.opinion-forum.com Brianna

    That’s funny; I thought Obama was “emperor me”