Three More for Thomas Nelson

Andrew has reached an agreement with publisher Thomas Nelson to write three more young adult novels after completing the four book Homelanders series.  The new YA’s will be stand-alone thrillers.  The first book scheduled is Schizophrenia, which will tell the story of a young man wrongly accused of murder who joins forces with an institutionalized girl, though he’s unsure whether her visions are prophecy or madness.

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  • debbie 1960

    YEAH!! Finally got my 17 yr old son to read the two Homelander books . He was then mad that the next one isn’t out for another couple of months. I was surprised because I couldn’t pay him to read the first one last year. You have a new fan.
    My daughter and I are anxiously waiting for number 3, and the new YA you are writing.

  • George Duncan

    Great news. “Empires of Lies” was a great book. That’s the first time I’ve noticed your work and continue to read your novels. I’m an editor with sun newspapers. If your publisher can send a review copy of “The Long Way Home,” I might be able to do a review. Did a review of Roger Simon’s “Blackmailing Myself,” and would enjoy spreading words of your books too. All my best.

    (Lake Placid Journal, Editor George Duncan, 231 N. Main Avenue, Lake Placid, FL. 33852