Witness To A Hit?

I don’t read the New York Times much anymore because I find it actually sucks information out of my head, making me less informed than I was when I started.  But I’m in New York, and my hotel leaves it on my doorstep for free…  If I stay here much longer I’ll actually know nothing.

Monday’s edition included a review of a play now open in Los Angeles called The Female of the SpeciesThe play, by Joanna Murray-Smith and starring Annette Bening, is “anti-feminist” according to reviewer Charles Isherwood.   But that’s the only good thing he says about it.  Other than that it’s “rancid” and may, like one of those drugs you see on TV, cause “severe headaches, dizziness, nausea,” etc.

Now I believe feminism is an almost wholly destructive force – if by feminism we mean not the extension of American individualism to include women – a positive development made possible by modern technology and medicine - but that specie of politics meant to coerce women into behaving in a way that might make feminists feel less bad about being female while at the same time trying to bully the world into being more “fair” than it actually is.  You know what I’m talking about.

Any threat to this hump-backed, hateful and snarling philosophy is routinely greeted by our mainstream media with hysterical, harpy-like shrieks of derision, so I can’t help wondering if Murray-Smith’s play has been the victim of a hit job.  I mean, I suppose it’s possible there’s a bad anti-feminist play, but it doesn’t seem likely.  Anyway, I’m three thousand miles away so I can’t go see the show and find out for sure, but I’d love to hear from anyone who has.

This sort of “political” review is one of the scourges of the art world.  It pretends to attack the work on matters of quality but it’s all about the politics always.  It’s a very, very powerful tool for enforcing lockstep conformity to leftist doctrine in novels, movies and plays.  It should be exposed wherever it’s found.  If anyone gets a chance to see this play, let me know if it’s any good.  If I can see it before it closes March 14th, I’d be delighted to respond to Isherwood in the press.

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  • Kendama

    If only I could see the play, just to piss off the feminists…

  • http://comingdawn.blogspot.com/ Michael

    You may well be right. I think a high level of nitpickiness in a critique is a good indicator that it’s coming from ideology, personal animosity, or some such, rather than true artistic grounds.

    An errant apostrophe (that may or may not have been deliberate) would count in my book as nitpicky.

    ‘The level of wit is not high, which is hardly surprising since the reigning intellect on the scene, Margot, is apparently under the impression that the E. M. Forster novel is titled “Howard’s End.” (It’s “Howards End.”)’

    Thanks for your always interesting comments,

    God Bless,
    Michael Hutton
    Ariah Park, Australia

    riven rather than art