The Paper of Record

I’m going to miss newspapers once they’re gone, I must admit.  I love them and reading them online just isn’t the same.  One of my favorites is the New York Post:  great writing, great coverage, great attitude.

Great headlines too.  Wednesday’s edition had a story on model Naomi Campbell beating up her chauffeur headlined “Driving Miss Crazy.”  Another on Rep. Charlie Rangel losing support within his own party because of ethics violations including not paying some taxes on a Dominican beach house:  “Dem Rats Deserting Beach Bum Charlie.”  And a story on Obama threatening to ram his health care monstrosity through congress calls the president “Ramb-O.”

The prose can be equally hilarious.  A story on singer John Mayer publically discussing actress Jessica Simpson’s sexual talents begins, “Jessica Simpson is blasting former flame John Mayer for shooting off his stupid mouth about how hot she was in bed…”  Jonah Goldberg calls liberal WaPo writer Dana Millbank “Maureen Dowd in drag.”  And here’s a great one on how revelations of David Letterman’s sexual charisma:  “stunned the public, which had not previously viewed the socially awkward, self-loathing funnyman as a lustful Lothario whose mojo made maidens moan.”  Bring it, dude!

American journalism began its long decline to its current dysfunction when it went from being a job to being a profession, traded reporters who represented the little guy for journalists who run interference for their guy.  The Post  writers may have the same worthless j-school degrees as their brothers and sisters at the Times but at least they know how to roll like it’s the good old days.  It’s a terrific paper.

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  • Edmond D. Smith

    I believe that my favorite headline of all is from
    The Post: Headless Body Found In Topless Bar. If all papers comported themselves with that kind of ‘tude, newspapers would be looking at a much rosier future than they are today.