ID Man Goes To France

Andrew’s next novel for adults, The Identity Man, has found a publisher in France.  Editor Robert Pepin has purchased the book for publisher Calmann-Levy.  Pepin also published Andrew’s Empire of Lies when he was at the publisher Seuil.   A thriller that takes on identity politics, Identity Man is the story of a fugitive thief who tries to start a new life.

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  • Daniel B. Orris

    Dear Mr. Klavan,

    My name is Daniel B. Orris, I am a Calvinist Baptist-Disciple of Christ, and an outspoken Conservative.

    I do know of a more direct way of contacting you.

    I am looking for a writer to co-writer a Drama-Mystery. Of course it is a bit more complicated than just that, but I do not want to write it on a public forum.

    Thank you for your time, and please consider my request. I believe you might be someone interested in co-writing. And with the fear of seeming impatient, I ask that you would respond soon. I do not want to wait until the Summer to begin writing, as a matter of fact, I would like to start writing next week, but of course, I understand that might be too difficult.

    In any case, thank you again. May our Almighty Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ bless you and yours! – Daniel B. Orris