KOC At The Oscars

It takes a long time to make a PJTV Klavan on the Culture episode.  First, the little three inch tall Klavan homunculus must be revived from his stony sleep by a grim ceremony involving the blood of left wing virgins – very, very difficult to find!  Then this Klavan thing must write the episode on his teeny tiny computer and videotape it with a teeny tiny camera.  Then the episode is taken to an undisclosed mountain top location where Justin Folk paints in the backgrounds with a special substance made from the ground bones and organs of minorities and homosexuals.

All of which is to say, this episode was recorded before this year’s Oscars actually took place, and so I feel rather bad that it takes no note of the fact that Hollywood was actually better behaved this year, personally, ideologically and in terms of the pictures selected, than in the recent past.  So if the movie stars who’ve been insulting us for years were injured during the filming of this episode because I didn’t notice they took the night off, I can only say I feel deeply, deeply…  I forgot what I was talking about.  But here’s the vid:

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  • Jesse

    No comments yet? I guess, Mr. Klavan, you said it all. Thanks!

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  • Kevin


  • Cliff

    Conservative anger and resentment don’t translate well into humor – see the 1/2 Hour News Hour, Fox’s defunct answer to the Daily Show.

    This isn’t funny, and is just kind of sad. Cheer up, Andrew! Stick to straight anger and resentment, it’s what you people do best. Leave comedy, the arts, science, academia and education to those evil, evil progressives. You people lost the culture war a looooong time ago.

  • http://www.brandywinebooks.net Lars Walker

    Yeah, that’s right. In light of Obama’s tremendous numbers, and the popularity of the Democratic agenda in general, the game is obviously over. Nothing to see here. In other news, the big three TV networks look forward to continued growth in their news departments.

  • Fritz

    Good ideas Klavan – surely there is enough right wing money and talent to bring these films to fruition?

  • Joseph Mann

    Love the “Homelanders “Series and the Weiss and Bishop books!



  • Brennan

    The Klavans!!! That’s something we could get excited about for next year.

  • AtheistConservative

    “Conservative anger and resentment don’t translate well into humor”


    The problem is that left-wingers can’t laugh at themselves. To do so requires self-reflection and a willingness to consider the possibility that you could be wrong.

    But that’s okay, we laugh at you. All the time.

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  • Joe Wright

    Good oh, Mr. Klavan!

    There are few things more depressing than an aging progressive. When they’re young and dumb, you can smile at their naivete and dismiss it as youthful ignorance. If, at thirty, they’re still searching for Shambhala, your patient smile is replaced with apprehension, and by forty you’re in full blown despair.

    Imagine having an Oliver Stone or a Susan Sarandon for a child. It is the stuff of nightmares.

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