KOC Comment

Just a quick comment on this week’s Klavan on the Culture.  I’ve done my mock Oscar routine a couple of times before, once for the LA Times, once either on a blog or for Big Hollywood, I’m no longer sure.  Every time I do it, I feel a momentary twinge of melancholy for the simple reason that it shouldn’t be funny! There’s no reason the films I make up shouldn’t be made in truth – except that the leftist poobahs of the culture won’t accept it.  Faced with a film showing the heroism of a conservative politician or journalist, say, they would use every tool in their formidable arsenal to bring it down.  Bad reviews, mockery, even protests and pressure as with Path to 9/11.  All that keeps nervous studios and producers from attempting to tell the truth.  It’s a shame that the films I make up are a joke because I fear the joke is really on us.

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