Homelanders Optioned for Film

Summit Entertainment–makers of Hurt Locker and the Twilight movies–have optioned Andrew’s Homelanders series of young adult thriller novels for film.  Lorenzo di Bonaventura, producer of Transformers and Stardust, will produce.  The series deals with teenager Charlie West’s quest to find out why he’s become the target of jihadist terrorists and the police.

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  • SeeingDouble

    Congratulations! Will you be adapting your own work?

  • http://www.threedonia.com Eric P

    Awesome, awesome, awesome — congratulations, Andrew!!!

  • GJP

    However, there may be a few adjustments to make the movie better. The teenager is American who converts to Islam and is being chased by radical Christians, Tea Party thugs and masterminded by Carl Rove!!! See, I can write the screen play better, now send me my royalties or I’ll post a nasty attack on Media Mutters and the Puffington Host!!!

  • Jimmy Arone

    That is great news Andrew!

  • hollywoodron

    Hahaha! Good one GJP! I feel the same way!

    Congrats Klavan… now I don’t have to buy the books for my daughter who doesn’t friggin read! She gets good grades and all, but reading is just not her thing. Kind of bums me out. I can take her to see it!!! Yippee!!!

    But I still dish out $5 a month for PJTV!!! So I’m still chippin in okay!?

  • debbie 1960

    WOW, congratulations!!! My daughter and I can hardly wait, and she of course is interested in who will be playing Charlie.

    Any clues? Hints?

  • Terri Melrose

    this is so exciting. i love the 1st 2 books and cannot wait for the 3rd! it’s always great news to hear when a good book is being made into a movie…just hoping they keep his Christian concerns as a large part of the movie!

  • http://notavailable max

    this just made my day i really enjoy reading the homelander books but am not a big reader usually so that says something