Is The Tide Turning?

If you look over to your left (my right from where I am inside your monitor) you will see the delightful news that my Homelanders series has been optioned for film by Summit Entertainment.  What a wonderful opportunity for you to click here and buy one of the books for the young adult in your life.

But it’s also an opportunity to wonder whether the left wing cultural tide of the last fifty years is at last turning.  Those who know the movie business know that I will have precious little control over whether the Homelanders films will, if made, reflect the values of the novels.  But who knows?  It could happen.  And if it did, it would be less amazing  now than, say, ten years ago.

My Pajamas chum Roger Simon wrote an excellent column on this subject after the Motion Picture Academy turned its collective back on the anti-American Avatar in favor of Summit’s pro-military Hurt Locker and Sandra Bullock’s turn as a heroic Evangelical Christian in Blind Side.  Roger urges conservatives to stop complaining and start writing their projects.  Myself, I would say start writing your projects–and keep complaining!  This is a rock we’re pushing uphill and if we let up on the pressure for even a moment, it’ll come right back down on top of us.

And by the way, in keeping with that subject, to those who watched my Klavan on Culture Oscar video and said, “Klavan, you should write these films,” my response is: I’m a novelist first and foremost and I hope you’re supporting that massive cultural effort by clicking, er, here.

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  • joe

    Man I hope you ARE able to control it enough to keep them from making it “PC”….

  • Tom Arico

    Congrats for being optioned. I’m glad to see there are some people in the film industry that would take a chance on stories with conservative or at least non-liberal values.

    I’m amazed anybody in the industry talks to you after you made that celeberties video. I still cant stop laughing at that.

  • Tom

    I just followed the Amazon link and read the Booklist review which contains this charming sentence:

    Some readers may chafe at Klavan’s apparent conservative leanings, which come off more strongly in this volume.

    Replace “conservative” with “liberal” and see if you can imagine this sentence appearing in a Booklist or Publishers Weekly review. On the bright side they did like the book and almost all the reviews are 4 and 5 stars.

    Congrats on the movie deal, I’ll be praying they don’t gut it.

  • Ronald WR

    Hallelujah!!!! One for the good guys. Congrats Andrew, keep fighting the good fight.

  • Jettboy

    I’m sorry, but does anyone remember the last Tom Clancy movie that was made? Muslims turned into Neo-Nazis.