Brandi is Dandi

I recently sat down with PJTV’s lovely and talented and did I mention lovely Brandi Milloy for a ten minute video interview about the Homelanders series.  It’s good stuff with nice visuals.  You can watch it here.

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  • Synova

    I’m watching the interview now and Brandi said something that I wanted to ask about.

    She says that the first book leaves you hanging.

    Does it?

    I like books that are linked but I want a conclusion, too. Is the four book series actually one book or does each book, along with the unresolved questions, have a basic resolution at the end?

    It won’t make the difference if I read them or not, but it does make a difference if I read them as they come out or wait until I can read all four back to back.

  • Neecie

    I have three boys: 8, 12, and 15. After seeing this interview, I will definitely be getting The Homelander series for them to read.

    You are doing exactly what I wish all talented Christian/Conservative artists and writers would do: tell stories that are not preachy or try to hit you over the head with a heavy handed moral, but stories about people who are Christians and/or Conservative. Of course, who they are and what they believe affects what happens, but that could be just part of the story and not necessarily the entire story.

    My oldest son is writing superhero stories for kids which aren’t all dark and edgy. For now, he is doing it just for the entertainment of his little brothers and cousins. But, who knows? Maybe he can help make comic books appropriate for children again. In any case, I hope he is inspired by writers like you.