17 Again

I can’t remember who recommended this movie to me, but it must’ve been someone I really, really respect because it’s the kind of picture I just about never watch.  And yet, there it was on my Netflix queue and up it eventually showed so I dutifully put it in the machine…  and you know what?  Not bad.  I almost turned it off after the first ten minutes, but then it got kind of amusing and even had moments that were downright funny.  Plus I had never seen Zac Efron before–or if I had, I hadn’t noticed–and just thought of him vaguely as that gay guy from High School Musical, but you know what else?  He’s good.  He can actually handle comedy, which is tough.  And I have no idea or interest in what his sexuality is, but he played straight convincingly here.  So it’s a cute move with excellent values and a change of pace for me.  Just saying.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/demonhunter1904 Tanner Conticelli

    Andrew, I found it hilarious when you stated “that gay guy from High School Musical.” I myself didn’t want to watch this movie. And the only reason was due to Zac Efron. However, I am glad I too decided to watch it. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t trash either. It was enjoyable, and I liked the storyline.

  • http://www.lcweekly.com Margaret Evans

    The gay guy from High School Musical? Clearly you don’t have an eight-year-old daughter like I do! There IS a “gay”-ish guy in the HSM movies, but he’s played by someone else. Zac’s character is the dreamy basketball jock/theatre geek Troy Bolton, beloved of tween-age girls AND their mothers, far and wide. The kid’s got real screen presence and charisma out the wazoo. (And, not that it matters, but I believe he’s straight. He’s been dating his HSM costar – a girl! – for years.) I think he’s goin’ places… I saw ’17 Again’ on a plane last summer and thought it was, indeed, a cute movie with excellent values. Not a bad way to spend a couple of hours….

  • http://whatwouldtotowatch.com Christian Toto

    Once in a while a movie will sneak up and surprise you … and “17 Again” did just that to me.

    A little smarter, sharper and funnier than the usual teen dreck … and Efron proved he can carry a film – just not Michael J. Fox’s mantle as a teen hero.

  • http://msyinglingreads.blogspot.com Ms. Yingling

    My excuse was that I was on a plane and there wasn’t anything else to watch. I was also struck by Efron’s presence and charisma, and the film was rather amusing. So you’re not alone.

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