Booklist On “Long Way Home”

This Daniel Krause review of The Long Way Home in Booklist sailed under my radar on publication, but is now posted on the book’s Amazon site (click the link).  Booklist is a major trade publication for school and public libraries.  Here’s the review:

“Unfortunately for Charlie, little has changed since the climax of The Last Thing I Remember (2009). He is still on the run from both the cops (who think he killed his friend Alex) and a group of terrorists known as the Homelanders (who may have brainwashed Charlie during his yearlong fugue state). Eager to clear his name, Charlie heads back to the most dangerous spot of all, the hometown where it all happened, and takes up residence in an abandoned house. Soon his old buddies—as well as the girlfriend he doesn’t remember—are pledging to help him operate covertly. Some readers may chafe at Klavan’s apparent conservative leanings, which come off more strongly in this volume. Also stronger, however, is everything else: Charlie’s ache for a normal life, action sequences that never let up, and showy set pieces (escaping a library, investigating a haunted house, even downloading software) that are wrung for every possible drop of nervous sweat. Best of all, unlike many second chapters, this one pays off with some seriously heavy revelations. ”

Wonder if they would have had the same caveat for a liberal point of view.  I don’t really wonder.

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  • Ellen

    Andrew, I read Booklist every month, since I do a lot of the selection for our library (and yes, your books are on the shelf). Its viewpoint is left/progressive and I distinctly remember hurling the magazine at the wall when several of the columnists indulged in some very gratuitous Bush bashing.

    Frankly, I’m surprised they reviewed you, let alone were courteous.

  • Matt

    Mr. Klavan I’m a 12 year old who LOVES the Homelanders series. I haven’t had a chance to read any of your other books but i plan to very soon. Although I’m only 12 I consider myself very informed on polotics. I have alot of conversations with my dad about whats going on in the world today and I have grown to be a pretty big fan of Ronald Reagan. I like to call myself an “old Reagan conservative” but just wanted to say can’t wait for the third book of the Homelanders and that reviev is, in 12 year old terms, bogus. =)

  • Katie

    Hi Andrew, I have just finished Long Way Home and I’m captivated. It is a masterpiece, your skill of using certain words to display deep-set emotions is exceptional. I can’t wait for the next in line! Are you planning on making the Homelanders into a series or have it as a trilogy?

  • Michael Adams

    Delighted to hear that the series is going to become movies. We’re all pretty good at cursing the darkness. It gives me great joy to see anyone lighting a candle, or, in your case, several.

    Agapei Xristou