Absurd Liberal Quote of the Week

I love this.  Here’s Bill Maher on the Huffington Post celebrating the start of spring with a paean to the irresistible power of love:

“If you try to fight the power of love, you end up making a fool of yourself. Think of Bill Clinton asking what the definition of “is” is. Larry Craig’s “I just have a wide stance,” Mark Sanford’s “I was hiking the Appalachian Trail.”"

Maher always uses this weary, snarkier-than-thou tone to disguise the utter silliness of his worldview but you can’t miss it when you see it on the page.  For the sake of time, let me just make two points.  One, take a look at what Maher thinks love is:  Clinton’s affair with Lewinsky?  Larry Craig looking for sex in a men’s room toilet?  Sanford’s adultery, I’ll grant, seems to have been powered by some kind of real passion.  But that just leads me to – two:  what does Maher make of all the people who quietly, even heroically, resist moments of passionate attraction in order to maintain their long-term relationships, their integrity, and their children’s peace of mind?  Does that have anything to do with love too, or is love something you can only do in a public toilet?  Maher can be funny at times, but he’d be even funnier if he weren’t so bloody sad.

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  • Mary Beth Adams

    Beautiful, Thank you.

  • http://brianjnoggle.com Brian J.

    You’re trying to explain adult things to a toddler here.

    You’ll have to try to explain it again in a couple minutes after his attention wanders.

  • Mike K

    It helps with understanding if you remember who Bill Maher’s target audience is.

  • captaingrumpy

    I get the drift.Maher is living in the gutter and his thoughts go along with that.Stewart ,I believe is a man caught between the truth and liberalism.Maher,is just silly and obnoxious to show the world he can be.He would not have too many brain cells and “love” for him,is sex.He cannot believe two people can live together for 36 yrs and not be true to their partner all of the time.That,is part of “love”
    Mahers life is in the gutter,his mouth is in the gutter,so why can’t his sexlife be in the gutter?