Just So You Know

This is kind of cool.  AOL’s youth oriented “Just So You Know” page has a piece up on Summit Entertainment’s film option of my Homelanders series.  The post, “Could The Homelanders Be The Next Twilight?” asks who would be best to play hero Charlie West.  Check it out.

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  • Wemedge

    Yay! You’re taking your stand and it’s paying off, Andy. We met at a writer’s conference in Aurora Il in Oct. ’07 and you told me you had signed a contract with Nelson. You signed a few of your novels I had bought and were gracious with your time and advice.

    Not to sound like a suck-up, but I think you’re the best fiction wordsmith out there with a clear-cut Christian world view. “You’re way ahead of the rest of these guys,” I told you, meaning the other fine writers at the conference, “because you know how the universe works.” I read the first Homelander book and loved it, and have the 2nd waitng for me on my iPod Touch. Bravo.