Faith and Fiction

Nice review of The Long Way Home at FrontPage Magazine, written by the estimable David Forsmark.  Forsmark also has high praise for a novel written by my pal ex-FBI undercover dude Bob Hamer Enemies Among Us.

Of The Long Way Home, Forsmark says:

“Stories of the hero who returns home to right past wrongs fill a niche in classic mystery lore, and Klavan does a fine job in adapting it for a younger audience.  Think Memento meets The Fugitive, spiced with the plot twists and relentless suspense of 24 and just a touch of the classic kid mysteries like The Hardy Boys, and you’ll have an idea of the treat in store when you pick up Klavan’s Homelanders novels.”

The review is called “Faith and Fiction,” and you can read the whole thing here.

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