Assassin’s Creed II

When the first Assassin’s Creed video game came out, everyone said how great it was and I–alone, unbowed and unafraid!–declared that it was dreadfully repetitive.  Then, when this sequel came out, all the people who had praised the first one announced, “They’ve fixed the problem of its being repetitive.”  Ha!  Ha, I say!  Where were they when I was standing alone, unbowed and unafraid, I ask you that!  Anyway, this sequel also got rave reviews and I admit – it’s beautiful to look at, the story’s good, and it’s not as repetitive as the first.  But I still thought it was only okay, gameplay-wise.  I found the control’s wonky, the fights boring and the missions kind of drab.  I couldn’t stop playing it because of the beauty of the thing, but it went on and on and on.  It’s not bad – it’s even pretty good at points – but there’s better stuff out there IMHO.

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  • Eric

    Well Andrew you and I have much in common in the way of video games I see! I agree with you that this game is stunning (my favorite part was the carnivale) and yes the camera would fidget from time to time and the missions were eh. However the main story was stupid. Just unrepentantly stupid. Ultimately my gripe with the series is that the SF elements are just very lazy and uninspired. However I really like the historical fiction aspects of the game, the detail and various historical figures you meet are so much fun, it’s a shame that it also tries to hard to be a genre it inherently is not.