The Warded Man

I frequently find myself picking up fantasy novels because I like the idea or the cover only to throw them down almost immediately because I grow bored with the stilted writing, the poorly imagined worlds and perhaps maybe especially the idiotic names of the two-dimensional characters.   That’s why it’s a pleasure to recommend The Warded Man the first novel by Peter V. Brett and the beginning of a series.

Boy In The Hood

It’s a real old-fashioned adventure story with recognizable characters having honest and dramatic experiences in a cool faux-medieval setting.  At it’s best, it’s a throwback to the old adventure stories of Conan Doyle and Rider Haggard.  It doesn’t often reach that level but, hey, it’s only his first novel.  Let’s hope he gets better and better.

I hear it’s going to be a movie too, by Resident Evil director Paul WS Anderson.

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  • http://RuleofReason Edward Cline

    Instead of fantasies, how about trying the “Sparrowhawk” series of historical novels set in England and Virginia in the pre-Revolutionary period, published by MacAdam/Cage? There are six titles to the story, plus a Companion to the series. This series is very popular with Americans who wish to understand how and why the United States was founded. It recreates the British-American political culture to better dramatize the reasons behind the founding. Titles from the series are being used in college, high school, and middle school literary courses. Many public and private school teachers use titles from the series “under the table” to supplement their state-mandated “social studies” courses. In fact, a private school system, Challenger School, with 11,000 students in five western states, in January ordered 500 whole sets to present to graduating 8th graders. I just finished autographing the bookplates for them. I do many booksignings, and the most frequently asked question by readers — who range from middle schoolers to retired military — is, “When’s the movie coming out?” I’m also the author of “Whisper the Guns” and “First Prize.”