A Couple of Interviews

There are two new and interesting interviews with me online now – interesting to me anyway!  One’s over at PJTV where I spoke with the lovely Danika Quinn about the Tea Party and the way it’s treated by the media.

The other interview is about Summit Entertainment’s movie option on The Long Way Home.  That was with Will LeBlanc over at CinemaBlend.com.  Here’s a snippet – Will asked me how I’d feel if they cut some of the religious references out of the film:

It’s a very funny thing, you know. Films with a faith narrative, with a religious narrative, make a fortune. Some of them like Fireproof arent even good, they’re almost amateurish and yet they clean up at the box office. And yet the studios remain extremely nervous about making them. I read that when they were making The Book of Eli, which was a succesful film with Denzel Washington, he gave an interview to the LA Times where he said the studio was very nervous and they kept trying to get them to take out some of the Bible references and things like this and I was just thinking “Why? Are they afraid they’re going to make too much money?” So you know it’s kind of nonsensical but at the same time I understand they do it.
The rest is here.

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