Absurd Narrative of the Week

We’ll give this much-coveted prize to a piece by Mike Allen and James Hohmann over at Politico though to be fair, I’ve heard it all over and they’re just channeling Beltway “wisdom.”  Which is one of those words like “reform,” that so often means the exact opposite of what, in fact, it means.

Allen and Hohmann tell the touching tale of befuddled pols and journos who can’t figure out why Obama is seen as a winner in DC for having bullied through healthcare reform, but a loser in the rest of the country, where his popularity continues to decline. Whyever could this be?   Ooh, ooh, I know, must be because “Republicans won the health-care messaging war.”  Sure, guys, that’s it.

How about we transpose that narrative, see how it works?  “Observers in England are puzzled.  They see George III as a winner after he successfully imposed a tax on the colonists’ tea.  Oddly, his popularity with the colonists continues to fall.  Looks like those patriots have won the tea tax messaging war.”

Or alternatively, we could apply Occam’s Razor and use the simplest explanation:  Obama “succeeded” in passing a bad bill the public doesn’t want and which impinges on their American liberties.  Which isn’t really success at all, is it?

From now on, journalists should have to arrive at work a hundred at a time, all stuffed inside a Volkswagen.  Because they’re clowns.

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  • captaingrumpy

    As an Australian,(living in Australia) I get to see the American political scene very differently than those that live there.I see a president that lied to get into office and just wants to put his idea of America across.
    It is an idea that the American people(majority) dont want and can see that it is an idea that just wont work. He has gained office by deception ,but the average American(conservative) cannot get it in their head,that this man and his machine will do anything,and I mean ANYTHING,to stay in office and finish his agenda.How he has got this far is beyond me,except that the American people see good in everyone.They do NOT realize the danger they are in,and it wont be until closer to the elections when the violence and the nastyness starts that the conservatives will finally(I hope) see the light and fight for the freedom against the tryanny within.(sounds strong).I’m sorry America,but many overseas could see this coming before the election when hope was put before commonsense. Thankyou

  • downunder

    “captaingrumpy”, you have just highlighted the problems Australia faces by electing Obama’s fellow”Progressive Leader” Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister of Australia and aptly described Rudd’s rise to fame

    “He has gained office by deceit”
    “He will do ANYTHING to stay in power”

    However you forgot the greatest similarity…the gigantc egos of both political Leaders which even pushes poor old Bono down to No.3 on the Ego Chart.