The New York Times Answer Man

Oh joy of joys – the new Klavan on the Culture from PJTV has arrived.  This week the New York Times Answer Man explains it all for you.  As you know, the Times is the official arbiter of reality so get ready for an adventure in knitting the complex phenomenological fabric of being.  Yeah, I’m joking.  Justin Folk knits the complex phenomenological fabric of the backgrounds – and mittens, if you’re, you know, into mittens.

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  • DJ

    Mr. Klavan,

    I’m not sure if you are the sole proprietor of this website, and really, it doesn’t matter.

    What matters, sir…is that I think you’re absolutely the coolest kid in school. By kid, I’m mean bald-headed mystery writer. And, by school I mean, mid-level political punditry.

    Dude, you’re a funny dude.

    Incisive, witty, charming, and unafraid. I don’t know how much courage it must take for your screenplays to be sold or soilicited to Hollywood, or if they generally seek you, but I think it’s great that you still -with your amount of success- feel comfortable doing conservative commentary; often scathing.

    As a writer, I admire your talent and wit. As a Libertarian, I quite enjoy your commentary and your politics. And, as a white guy, I’m jealous that you pull off the bald look so well.

    I’m almost 30. Please tell me how to be just like you when I grow up.


  • Observationist

    I’ve been a fan since I saw your “Night of the Living Government”. You’re sarcasm and wit has no match. I wish we could inject a little of it in our conservative politicians.
    The New York Times clip, what else can be said but it’s the culture of “we know better than you” – so here’s your news.
    Thanks for bringing intelligence and irony to the debate. I think you need more exposure. You get your message across in such a way, that I think even some liberals may have a hard time not agreeing with you!

  • Pavel

    Every book of yours was a real delight, can’t wait for the next one. I’m a foreign-born and raised and I learned English by reading your books and listening to the audio-books, many of them yours (and listening to Frank Sinatra and Beatles old tapes). My “Best Contemporary Fiction Writers” list is:
    1.Andrew Klavan
    2.Charles McCarry
    3.Robert Harris
    4.Ken Follett
    5.Daniel Silva
    6.Nelson DeMille
    Hope you approve.
    See you on PJ TV!
    See you on pjtv!

  • Greg Taft

    Thanks for the great commentary.

    Always a delight.