Sean and Laura and Otto… Otto?

A busy week last week.  A couple of days in DC, then a couple in New York.  An invitation to speak at the Institute for Policy Innovation‘s World Intellectual Property Day Forum in Washington coincided with both the Manhattan Institute’s annual Alexander Hamilton Dinner and the Edgar Awards from the Mystery Writers of America in New York.  In between:  a lot of interviews, including my first appearance on  Sean Hannity‘s great, great, great panel (and yes, Sean is as nice a guy in person) and a delightful (for me) in-studio talk with Laura Ingraham (and yes, she is as hot in person). And of course, my usual Monday drop in with the mighty Mike Gallagher.

The after Edgars party was hosted by the great and powerful Otto of Penzler, my editor, one of my favorite people and the proprietor of the Mysterious Bookshop in his spare time.  Otto won his second Edgar, this one for Best Critical/Biographical work for his book The Lineup:  The World’s Greatest Crime Writers Tell the Inside Story of Their Greatest Detectives.  Huzzah.

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