Shameless Falsehood of the Week

I’m sure you’ve seen those Government Motors TV ads where GM Chairman Ed Whitacre manfully tells us he doesn’t blame us for distrusting his crummy, socialist company (thanks, Ed) for letting unions run it into the ground and then having union crony Barack Obama bail those unions out with our money.  But now, he says, GM has earned our trust again by paying back that government loan with interest.  If you’re like me (a credulous buffoon), you thought, “Wow, Ed, good for you, now I’ll stop boycotting your company (which I am) and buy your crummy socialist cars again.”

Well, guess what?  It’s all baloney.  GM is still a crummy socialist company and all they’ve done is perform some accounting magic by paying off one lot of bailout money with another.  This is a culture blog so I won’t go into the financial details, but even the New York Times couldn’t swallow this one and you can read all about it at the link.

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  • hollywoodron

    You know what I was thinking….?… oh you don’t… okay… uh hmm… I was thinking that liberal writers of Hollywood are too afraid to make real villians, because in their circles they know if they are fatwa’d or outted by ‘real villains’ they’d be on their own.

    Maybe if we told them, we got their backs, we will protect & fight for them, us Conservatives, us Christians, us Constitutionalist, maybe if they knew that, they’d realize… it’s time.

  • Jonathan Nolan

    This financial (black) “magic” is of the same sort that allowed them to pretend to be a viable business before the bailout. Staggering to think that they are so arrogant or feel so protected and entitled that they would just up and spend taxpayer money on advertising at all, let alone advertising that is blatantly false, and little more than a propaganda tranche for the Obama administration.

  • http://Facebook...? DJ


    If boycotting a “company” that has been strong-armed by Unions who have basically extorted them, and the American people, out of an Oprah Winfrey sized amount of money makes you a buffoon, then consider me Sean Penn (ew. too far, I know).

    Everyone involved in this shady, unpatriotic swashbuckle (score!) infuriates the thinking Libertarian mind. The nerve. It’s one thing to swindle, evade, distort, lie, and force MY money into the pockets of criminals (ok, so that’s like 5 things), but then to pay for a commercial filled with blatant lies with that money not only further pisses me off, as it should all the other unwashed masses, but it’s also really, really, stupid.

    I’ll grant that many Americans aren’t hip to the swindle, but those of us who are consciously tuned in have the right to be told the truth..for once.

    On second thought, the last time they were honest with us is when Reagan told the American collective that the 9 worst words we will ever hear are, ‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.’

    Maybe it’s our fault for not protesting these jerks way the uninformed and beguiled minority has protested Arizona’s (where I’m from) SB 1070.

    How odd that the masses sit back and allow their hard earned money to be hijacked in broad daylight by the government to save a corporation who legitimately failed, but when 70% of Arizonans push back over having their public services abused by those whom have no rights to these services and legally ban said individuals, they are quickly, unapologetically, and erroneously demonized for taking a stand against a form of burglary. Where were the riot-inciting media and fear-mongering journalists when we were robbed by these corporate and governmental decepticons? They were covering fluff stories about the President serving beer in the rose garden, that’s where.

    Dude, where IS my country, indeed?

    It’s infuriating, honestly.

  • K

    Re: Government Motors.

    There’s something about the left’s love affair with socialism or corporatism that I don’t understand. It’s clear from their rhetoric, fiction and movies that they think corporations are hotbeds of corruption and unbridled greed. So you’d think they’d keep the government strictly out of it to act as an independent cop/arbiter. But instead, they’re eager to merge with these large companies thereby forming a hugely powerful and even more corrupt unit that is about as undemocratic as it’s possible to get short of the secret police and internment camps.

    Could it be that in the final analysis, they’re not being completely honest with us?