Agents of Treachery Review

Otto Penzler’s spy story anthology Agents of Treachery is due out June 1st and was pre-greeted by a starred pre-publication review by the industry’s top trade journal Publishers Weekly.

Astonishingly, as mystery maestro Penzler points out in his cogent introduction, “there has never been, until now, a collection of original stories devoted” to spy fiction. Penzler has assembled 14 of the biggest names in the thriller genre…  who all rise to the challenge of writing a short story set in the complex world of international espionage.”

You can read the whole thing herethough it somehow neglects to mention my entry in the collection, Sleeping With My Assassin. This puts me in the awkward position of either 1) pointing out myself that it’s a really, really great story or 2) keeping a modest silence.

Oh, all right, I’ll keep the silence.  Hey, I am all about class.

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