Great Point of the Week

This award has to go to the smart and lovely Fox News commentator SE Cupp who wrote a piece for the New York Daily News protesting the use of leftist gasbag Keith Olbermann as a blogger on Major League Baseball’s official website, MLB.Com.

So let’s get this straight. Limbaugh is too conservative for football, evangelical minister the Rev. Franklin Graham is too Christian for the National Day of Prayer, and Islam is too touchy for ‘South Park.’ Meantime, Olbermann’s misogyny, race-baiting and fear-mongering makes him a perfect voice for America’s national pastime?”

When it comes to the culture, this isn’t just a great point – it’s the point.  Leftists have managed to declare the way most people think extreme while portraying their own extremism as “mainstream.”  Defending our massively successful traditions, laws and institutions is somehow beyond the pale, whereas promoting their consistently failed programs is an example of the reasonable and the good.

Well, nuts.

Good one, SE.

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  • Kevin Smith

    You are nothing but a racist/ignorant idiot. What did Bush do for the country? Nothing but spend billions of tax payers money on the war in Iraq. So for those of you who blame Obama on our nations debt, please blame the previous president. At least Obama is attempting to spend money to try and help American citizens (cash for clunkers, health care plan, etc.). People need to stop listening to fox news and this idiot and look at the facts. While he does make mistakes, at least he is trying to help America. If anyone is to blame for the state of our country it is the monkey we had in office for 8 years.

  • K

    Wow. Is that THE Kevin Smith? I never saw “Clerks”, but I heard it rocked, dude.

  • L.D.

    Gee Kevin. Three massive paragraphs to contemplate, and you got the point entirely. Good job!

  • Lars Walker

    Ah. I get it now. When Bush ran a deficit, that was evil. But when Obama runs a deficit four times larger, that’s the height of good government.

  • Lydora

    Ummm, I thought this post was about baseball and liberal hypocrisy and the overbearing, meat-puppet that IS Keith Olbermann, not specifically about the obvious truths of Obama’s failed policies… way to take it to a whole other place, Kev! I guess that’s just what cry-baby liberals do when they don’t have a reasonable response to facts in evidence… good luck with that, by the way!