Mark & Rob & Peter & Me

This is pretty amusing, if you haven’t come across it.  Some of the gang from a new conservative website called Ricochet (see the news item) have been gathering at intervals to chat in the run-up to the site’s launch in the next few weeks.  This time, it was the formidable Mark Steyn, the hilarious Rob Long, the brilliant Peter Robinson – and, uh, me.   Well, someone had to empty the ashtrays.  Anyway, it was entertaining stuff – and yes, that’s me singing the opening song… no, I’m joking.

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  • Wemedge

    Drew, eh? Cool. I think of you as an Andy, but there you have it. Man, I love intelligent conversation between creative conservatives. Steyn was brilliant on his belief that all good stories are conservative by nature because they involve choices, their consequences, those who chose badly or well.

    We instinctively respond to such storytelling, because the universe is a moral construct. Whenever my 9 year-old daughter happens to sit in on a a TV program already in progress, her first question is always “Who are the bad guys, dad?”

    BTW, Andy- er, Drew, I caught the story of your conversion to Christianity narrative, online, as told to Peter Robinson- a beautifully rendered account in which your experience of Original Sin was described as a sort 0f sense of existential shame. And Robinson’s suggestion that the man w/o a healthy religious sensibility regards himself and other human beings as nothing more than “moving meat…” I love it! This Rick O’Shay site is going to be great.

  • Daniel Crandall

    ‘Drew, great conversation. It would be really something to see you and Long create something for television.