Imagine There’s No Border

Supercalifragilisticexpialodocious! It’s the new Klavan on the Culture video from PJTV.  This time, it’s off to sunny Arizona where I and my imaginary friend, Virtue the Wonder Dog, will teach a lesson to all those mean fascists and racists who think we ought to degrade our nation by subjecting poor little Mexican people to such medieval cruelties as laws and borders.  Woof!

The amazing background action is provided by Justin Folk.  And Mexico.

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  • L. D. In Arizona

    Well done as always Andrew. Having lived in Arizona for 37 years, and retired after over 40 years in law enforcement, I lived in the world the leftists refuse to see. AZ’s law only reiterates what is said in the Federal law. If the Feds won’t do their job, Arizona has a right to do what they aren’t, instead of waiting for the second coming. And I don’t mean another politician.

    Also, after growing up in Southern Kalifornia, I none the less fully support the shutting off of the Palo Verde Nuclear Plant electricity, which goes you know where. We can use it ourselves, or sell it to true Americans.

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  • Gary Ogletree

    Felipe y su esposa went all the way to DC and all they got was Mexican food at the White House when they really wanted some BBQ and authentic American junk food. Bummer. No wonder El Presidente was grumpy. Will he reciprocate with Big Macs and onion rings when Barry and Michelle visit The Palace? I hear Bibi is hiring a mariachi band for their upcoming trip to Jerusalem. Just to make them feel at home.

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  • Swami

    What I never understood was the liberal assumption that being against illegal immigration means you are against immigration.

    Isn’t that like saying opposing rape is the same thing as being against sex?