The Young Victoria

This was written by an old chum of mine from my years in England, Julian Fellowes, who is also, of course, an Oscar winner for Gosford Park.  Julian is one of the wittiest people I’ve ever met and has one of the sweetest, prettiest and most delightful wives–which, of course, only raises my opinion of him.

That's a wrap. We have Prince Albert in the can.

The Young Victoria, now out on DVD, tells the story of the great queen’s great romance and marriage with  Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.  It’s a very entertaining and satisfying picture.  The cast, headed by the charming Emily Blunt and Rupert Friend, is excellent.  And the script’s understanding of the role of the monarchy in British life lends sympathy to the main characters and importance to the events.  Without the usual self-satisfied modern criticism of the old institutions to dampen our compassion and wrong foot our feelings, the story comes to engrossing life.

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  • K

    Thanks. It’s difficult to find good historical pieces these days as they so often have hidden sucker punches. “Copying Beethoven” for example turned out to be mainly a feminist tract. Now that I know this movie doesn’t wallow in feminist angst I’ll definitely give it a look see.

  • Capn Eddie Ricketyback

    I know this can be put down to “artistic license,” but I’m reasonably sure that Queen Victoria NEVER looked like that (and neither did Prince Albert).

    Reminds me of once, I believe it was in the 1970s, when a colleague of mine was hired to be a technical consultant on a movie, I forget the name but remember it starred David Janssen. Every time he would point out an error they would claim “artistic license.” He replied, “Well, I have a pilot’s license, and if that stays in the movie it will be a laughing stock in the aviation community.” Most of it stayed in, and it was.

  • Bob

    I felt uplifted at the end of the movie about something…and then I realized what. The portrayal of a happy marriage.

  • Ellen

    Actually, Prince Albert was considered one of the handsomest princes in Europe when he was young. Victoria was a very pretty young woman as well (check out Princess Beatrice – she looks very much like the young Victoria). Alas, poor Victoria was predisposed to the obesity of the Hanovers and Albert aged very quickly. But they were an attractive couple in their youth.

  • Nora Charles

    My two goddaughters (aged 8 and 11) have been enthralled by this film.

    As an aside, Charlotte, the eldest told the story of her class being asked by the teacher to name something from another country that been adopted into our own (Australian).

    Fresh from watching The Young Victoria, Charlotte raises her hand and says, ‘Christmas Trees; Prince Albert brought them to England from Germany which why we now have them in Australia’.

    The teacher blinked and said: ‘No, we can’t use that example because it’s religious.’