Nolte Vs Polanski: No Contest

The mighty John Nolte and his righteous Big Hollywood posse have been absolutely destroying the defenders of child rapist Roman Polanski.  Check this Nolte piece out just for example, but scan the site for plenty more of the same.

This is an important story – a tipping point – for a lot of reasons.  For one thing, it’s the moment when Liberal Hollywood exposed the ramifications of its worldview:  how it turns every time-tested moral understanding inside out.  The evidence is not just in the defense of a man who drugged and sodomized a 13-year-old child and then escaped justice many years ago, but in the belligerence of the defense, the implication that Polanski is some sort of hero or martyr rather than, say, a dessicated creep.

For another thing, this was the moment when Hollywood libs, stepping boldly forth in their delusion of virtue, suddenly got a glimpse of how far they’d drifted from the worldview of decent people.  Will they wake up to the truth about themselves?  I hope so.  If they don’t, I fear Nolte and company will simply kill them in their sleep.

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  • Lars Walker

    Whoopi Goldberg perceives a nuanced difference between “rape” and “rape-rape.” I wonder if, in pondering the days of Jim Crow, she makes a similar distinction between “lynching” and “lynching-lynching.”

  • Cranky 1

    You are right, of course. And dessicated? Excellent and perfectly descriptive word. I think I’ll keep that one.

  • oldfeziwig

    Could the Hollywood nobility feel that Polanski’s behavior falls under the definition of “noblesse oblige”? After all, these members of the glitterati pretend to be our betters and, therefore, are not subject to the laws and morals of the common herd.

  • Ron Smorynski

    It’s okay for 9-17 yr olds to get abortions, ‘get tested’, use condoms, have education on homosexuality as an okay positive choice in their life.

    But abstinence, celibacy, and marriage are not taught. Nor are the statistics… of promiscuity, homosexuality, and STDs. (via my own daughter’s school.)

    They are using Polanski, gay marriage, and HIV billboards to push an agenda of hedonism. It is a full frontal assault on families.

  • EdSki

    My prediction is Hollywood will not wake up, and American society will regulate it to the ash heap of history.

    I’m not in the industry, other than being the consumer of the product, but it certainly seems to me that it operates more like an imperial power than a democratic republic.

    And, as James Madison so eloquently proved at the Constitutional Convention, empires always end up, eventually, on the ash heap of history.

  • Mrs. Raven

    Wow, what a bunch of idiotic comments.

    Especially from EdSki: Hollywood will be relegated to the ash heap of history? Oh really? Funny, because that’s what the conservatives were saying back in 1920s. You see how that has worked out. (Btw, it’s “relegate”, not “regulate”.)
    Hollywood won’t disappear as long as Americans desire to watch silly movies and TV shows. People don’t care about an agenda – they just want to be entertained. Also, entertainment industry has no obligation to operate as a “democratic republic”.
    Ron Smorynski: You do have some point, but I don’t see what teenagers have to do with marriage – unless you want them to get married in high-school. Well, it wasn’t that long ago that 13-year-old girls were allowed/forced to get married, so why not bring that laws back? (But in that case we should go easy on Polanski, no?)
    And I’m sorry, but gay teenagers have every right to be ensured that they also have a chance for happiness and healthy, productive relationships. What would YOU want to tell them? That they’re doomed, perverted, sick and are going to hell? Do you realize that this kind of “teaching” leads to depression and suicidal thoughts? Would you like to have their blood on your hands? Oh, that’s right they should just suppress all those homosexual feelings and grow up to be Ted Haggards, right?

    And finally, it’s clear to me that none of you have ever read any Polanski posts & comments on liberal blogs. So let me tell you: they absolutely hate him and his defenders.

  • patricia

    extreme liberals and conservatives have no boundaries or respect for others. they have killed this country. notice that pedophilia always can be found nearest these extremes. it’s the most evil thing that can be done. killing the spirit of a child. when you think of the dark side. what’s truly dark…you think of “people” like Polanski or all religious extremes …all of which prey on children more than they seem to pray. all cults. hollywood cult. religious cult. please stop supporting this destruction.