Happy Memorial Day

I’m taking the day off so there’s no Monday column this week.  Have a great day.  Give a thought to the people who make it possible–especially because, as of this writing, their commander-in-chief will reportedly not be visiting Arlington Cemetery to pay tribute to them.   But then, hey, why should he pay tribute to them?  After all, they’re not him!  Oh, forget it.  Just have a great day.

Where's Barry?

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  • wcgreen

    Should I ever become President (an unlikely occurrence), I will observe my first official Memorial Day not at Arlington, but at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery. Why? Because my son is buried there. Will I be failing to pay tribute to the fallen interred at Arlington if I do so?

    Pres. Obama’s itinerary for today includes a trip to Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Elwood, Illinois. It’s newer and smaller than Arlington, but the military buried there, both the KIA and the veterans of WWII, are no less deserving of honor and remembrance than those at Arlington.

    Whether Pres. Obama will render that honor adequately is a completely different question.

  • http://www.andrewklavan.com Andrew Klavan

    A fair point. But more importantly, God bless you and keep your son. After a lifetime of working with words, I find I have no words big enough to express either my debt or my gratitude. To you and all those who loved a fallen fighter: God’s strength; God’s peace. And – humbly – thank you for my freedom.