Second Best Video of the Week

I’m not much for Biblical prophecy, I have to admit.  It’s a lot more challenging (and interesting) to seek out the abundant life promised by the gospels than it is to sit around wailing that it’s “the end of days,” because you don’t like the results of the last election.  But if I had to guess whether the world would end Biblically or Al Gorally, well, the Bible would win hands down.  And if there’s a chance to terrorize helpless children with either of these ideas – hey, count me in.  Anyway, watch this, it’s funny.

And, of course, for the week’s best video, tune in tomorrow.

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  • K

    I’ve always be interested in stories and jokes which work in more than one way and can be appreciated by people with a diametrically opposed POV.

    In this case, if you’re someone who, like me, believes that AGW is a religious affliction, then this is a pretty funny way to point it out. OTOH, if you sit around worrying that So. Baptists are going to destroy science by teaching creationism as an alternative to evolution in the classroom this is funny from that direction as well.

  • FeliciaB

    Andrew, I’d love to sit down with you and delve into your story about how you became a Christian. Do you have your story written down anywhere since I probably will never get to have the sit down time?