KOC: Fun With Anti-Semitism

Well, this turned out to be timely…  but then, unfortunately, it’s always timely.  Yes, it’s Klavan on the Culture day and this week we turn to the hilarious hijinks of anti-semitism.  You may remember that when the Nazis tried to wipe the Jews off the face of the earth, the world wondered why they didn’t fight back.  Now they are fighting back and the world cries…  Hey, no fair!

You can watch the rest here – or just turn on the nightly news.  Beautiful backgrounds by Elder of Zion wannabe Justin Folk.

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  • http://www.danielvahab.com Daniel Vahab

    I love this video. I’m including it in my weekly newsletter on antisemitism. I’m a writer and speaker on antisemitism working on my first book on the subject. This video, again, is great!!!

  • Brianna

    Y’know, I wish you evil Jews would just take over the world with your evil Zionism and have done with it already. The suspense as I wait with gritted teeth to be mind-controlled by the Rothschilds and AIPAC is killing me!

    (P.S. While it should be obvious that I am kidding, today’s poltical clime unfortunately forces me to explicitly state the fact)