Anderson Saves The City

Brian Anderson, editor of the remarkable City Journal, (where, remarkably, I’m a contributing editor) has given an excellent and wide-ranging interview  to  the Atlantic.  Conor Friedersdorf (a highly intelligent interviewer who Q&A’d me once a while back) does the honors in a feature called The Future of The City.  The interview, called “Saving The City:  An Interview With Brian Anderson,” talks, among other things, about the policing revolution that pulled New York City out of its crime-ridden hole and made it the shining world capital it is today:

Sometimes you’ll hear the argument that maybe policing did cut crime in New York, but by making it a racist, semi-authoritarian city. That’s absurd. Go to community meetings in minority neighborhoods, and you’ll often hear the demand for a greater police presence. Complaints about police abuses are minimal and usually acted on swiftly by the department.

For more reality, read the whole thing here.  And don’t miss Brian’s mention of yours truly when he lists top City Journal articles and kindly includes “The Lost Art of War.”

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  • Fay

    We visited New York for the first time, and fell totally in love with it.
    A fabulous city with terrific people. We never felt scared, threatened or intimidated and we walked everywhere even into the naughtier regions.
    We have been in many cities, in Europe and other countries and we feel that New York is the most carefree, fun, accepting city ever.
    We love New York.