KOC: Leaving Al Gore

What sort of low, uncaring scoundrel would make fun of Al Gore as he’s going through a painful divorce?  That’s right!  It’s time once again for Klavan on the Culture from PJTV.  This week, we get the inconvenient truth on why Tipper decided to throw Al over after all these years.  Unforgivable backgrounds by that cad and blackguard Justin Folk.

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  • Jonathan S. Stapley


    This is not worthy of you or your site… I am a big fan of most of your stuff… this just doesn’t fit. I think Al Gore is a pathetic joke as a politician and leader in the environmental issues, but I would pull this one off the site… it’s not your style…I hope.

    V/R Jonathan S. Stapley

  • Joel Richard

    I disagree. It’s totally his style!!

    Seriously, though, Andrew is not actually speculating about the reasons for the Gores’ separation. It’s all about Dr. Doom’s public statements vs. his public behavior. He’s using Weird Al’s own ridiculous bloviating to show what a liar and hypocrite he is, and reasonably, though humorously, asking, “Who could live with this nut job?”

    The most notable aspect of this terrific video is its stark contrast to ANYTHING produced by “humorists” on the left toward the private lives of conservative targets (Bush, Palin, Tea Partiers, need I go on?) for the last three decades. This isn’t “the politics of personal destruction”, it’s just quoting him accurately.

    Keep up the great work!