Buzzkill of the Week

Great seventh game of the NBA finals with the Los Angeles Lakers showing true grit to climb back from 13 points and snatch the championship from the equally gritty Boston Celtics.  But what was with the riots afterward?  What kind of thugs, losers, lowlifes and clowns take to the streets to set fires and beat people up after their team scores a victory?  What’s the mindset there?

And where were the cops?  The Los Angeles Times–increasingly one of the most distorted and irrelevant news sources in the country–claimed the police were out in force.  But pseudononymous LA police officer Jack Dunphy–in an excellent piece for my friends at Pajamas Media–saw it differently, and he ought to know.

Hey, I’m not blaming the police.  I’m blaming the rioters because it’s, you know, their fault.  But if this is the sort of slime that’s going to bubble up out of our city gutters, the police are going to have to figure out strategies for dealing with them.  That’s why we pay them the big bucks.  (Yes, officer, I was being ironic.)

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