Knight and Day

Cute but not cute enough, I’d say.  A fun video when it comes out, like, next week.  Maybe a good date movie if your date likes you enough to relax and be entertained.  In any case, it’s nowhere near deserving of the sort of long knives assault launched against it in both the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.   I mean, chill, broheims, it’s just a summer picture!

You know a studio's lost faith in its stars when...

So anyway it’s about The Girl who falls in with and for The Super Secret Agent Guy and then there’s a lot of chases and terrific locations.  And yes, Cameron Diaz is just a teensy-tiny bit too long in the glittering tooth to be cute and ditzy enough to pull this off, beautiful as she still is.  And I guess Tom Cruise has creeped people out by jumping on sofas and keeping his wife Katie Holmes in a torture dungeon or whatever the gossip nonsense is.  And the picture is already a dyed-in-the-wool bomb, so maybe it doesn’t matter.  But…

But I would just like to go on record as saying that Cruise is close to brilliant in this.  He takes a standard-issue two dimensional part suitable for a light comedian like Ashton Kutcher and turns it into a fully fledged human being.  His Roy Miller delivers his antic, somewhat crazy lines not merely because they’re antic and crazy but because it’s his way of maneuvering through a world of innocents who just don’t understand how dangerous life really is, how thin is the shell of their everyday reality and what mayhem lies beneath.  Watch his eyes – it’s almost worth the price of admission just to do this.  All the while he’s fooling around, his eyes are filled with this sort of tragic, weary knowing.  It’s a very cool performance from a genuine movie star.

Be nice if Cruise figures out how to choose the roles that will keep his stardom alive a few more years because he deserves it on the basis of his skill and charisma.  But hey, set Katie Holmes free, the poor thing!

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  • K

    I’ll pick it up from the bargain rental bin. My dream is that if everybody did this, then future pitch meetings would go like this ..

    “And the protagonist is being chased by the CIA and the FBI and the US military and . . . . ”

    “Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! You know that stuff doesn’t sell, right? Besides being like totally hackneyed?”

    Not realistic, perhaps, because the anti-American world-tards would still pay to see it, but one must follow one’s dreams.