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I am pleased and proud to be the current “Featured Personality” on PJTV’s Facebook Page.  The page has an interview with me about how I make my Klavan on the Culture videos (they’re actually carved out of the living rock).  Here’s a sample exchange:

PJTV: What inspires your Klavan on the Culture episodes?

AK: Oh, it’s found satire. It’s just lying there, fruit on the ground. I mean, this administration is so blundering, their ideas so bad, their socialistic approach so discredited and unworkable—that it makes their high moral tone and the cult-like enthusiasm of their followers just hilarious on the face of it before I even say anything. Plus, no one else is touching the material. Partly that’s because our intellectual and creative elites are so out-of-date, so locked into these old ideas really from the 50’s… and I mean the 1850’s… that none of them wants to speak up and say, “oh my, look, it’s all wrong, we’ve made a mistake, it doesn’t work.” And partly, I think, it’s because American leftism is at some level a form of racism, and Obama, you may have noticed, is black, so they’re afraid to say anything that might indicate he’s as utterly lawless and incompetent and dishonest as he obviously is. Anyway, the result is they’re leaving all the good stuff for me. God knows I’m not a natural comedian or performer but it’s hard to miss when the material is just lying around like that.

If you go to the wall page and scroll down, there’s also a quick Facebook video over on your left.  I ad-libbed it but it’s actually fairly amusing.

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  • Joyce Martin

    I envy your talent. If only I could put my thoughts so well into words!

    You are the best.