Super Mario Galaxy 2

This was lots and lots of fun – then wasn’t.  Super Mario in all his various incarnations is still the closest thing we have to a perfect video game character.  He’s lovable, courageous, courtly, talented–and if your toilet backs up, who ya gonna call?

Woo Hoo!

As with Super Mario Galaxy 1, this game takes you around various planets where you run gravity-defying, three-dimensional gauntlets until you grab hold of a star.  Then every now and again you fight with Bowzer.  Then, if you’re very, very good – and I’m so good I can’t even talk about it without blushing – you (what else?) rescue the Princess.

All of which is a blast–though it never achieves the woo-hoo level of Mario magnificence we got last year with Super Mario Bros. Wii, one of the great games of all time.  Plus, once you’ve been through Galaxy 2 start to finish…  when you go back to try to recover all the hidden stars and extra stars and so on, it gets pretty tedious.  I stopped after a while.

So… definitely worth it as almost always with Mario, but I’m willing to follow an Italian plumber only so far and no farther!

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  • Brian

    I’m a sucker for anything Mario and usually, when completely finished, you get some extra treat. In Super Mario Galaxy 1, you got a little extra world you could just kind of walk around in. In New Super Mario Bros Wii, when you get everything, you can unlock all the cool videos that show off “super skills.” So I went all the way in on Super Mario Galaxy 2, my son and I played it religiously, finished it in a few weeks, except for two levels. The cosmic star levels on the final world: The Ultimate Test and The Perfect Run. I cannot stress just how difficult The Perfect Run was. When we beat it, I felt real good about my gaming skills, but there was no real special treat for doing so. Completing it was worth it for the challenge along, but that was a huge letdown.

    But in general, you’re right. New Super Mario Bros Wii is a classic while Super Mario Galaxy 2 is just a great game, probably even better than Super Mario Galaxy 1, but not as fresh or awe-inspiring.

  • ECM

    I took him to 120 and change and finally ran out of steam.