Long Way Home Makes List

The second in Andrew’s much-acclaimed Homelanders series, The Long Way Home, is number 4 this month on the YA bestseller list of the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association.  The sequel to The Last Thing I Remember continues the four-book saga of Charlie West, an ordinary teenager who goes to sleep in his own bed one night only to wake up in the clutches of Islamist terrorists and wanted for murder by the police.

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  • http://harlowhome.com Virginia Harlow

    Grandson I’m homeschooling is now in big trouble with me because it took me two weeks to get him to look at The Last Thing I Remember, and he stayed up all night reading! He’s supposed to be working on biology and algebra this morning, and he’s sleeping instead! I got the second in the series this morning, and November better hurry. He’s 14 1/2, and getting him to read is like pulling teeth. But when a book starts with a hot scene like this one did, he’s hooked.

    He will probably read these more than once. Patterson’s Maximum Ride series got him started actually reading on his own…. We need more! Boys are just not going to slog through inaction and heavy description stuff.

    Great! Do much more like this! It’s so good to see a boy reading!

  • Teri Quillin

    I bought The Last Thing I Remember for my 12 year old grandson. He read it in 2 days. So the next time we are in the book store, he bought The Long Way Home. I sat down yesterday to read The Last Thing That I Remeber and couldn’t put it down. As a Christian granny, I am very grateful for thrilling, exciting, and fun filled books that my grandsons will read. I know the boys will read and reread these books. We have already preordered book 3 in the series and can’t wait for November.

    Thank you for this great series.