Tudors Revisited

Back in June, I put up a post on the first season of Showtime’s The Tudors.  I enjoyed it but found it mostly a costume soap opera, heavy on the gratuitous sex scenes, light on the history.

"Where are their heads? Oh yeah, now I remember..."

I’ve now finished all four seasons and I’d like to revise that opinion upward – way upward.  By the end of the piece, I came to feel that writer Michael Hirst had artfully used soap opera and sensationalism to draw the viewer into the world of the past.  I found myself discussing the events of the age as if they were happening now, rooting for one set of torturing and burning religious “reformers” over another and even sympathizing at times with the tyrannical Henry and his borderline insane demands that reality be what he wanted it to be.  Plus I found myself looking a lot of stuff up, which is always a good thing.

This actually turned out to be a top-notch show in an age of great TV shows.  Not quite up to the all-time classic I, Claudius.  But certainly well worth watching.  And better than any movie I’ve seen in forever.

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  • maeryk

    What annoys me most about this show is that they got Henry pretty much correct.. and totally blew it in the costuming department. I realize they have to appeal to modern sensibilities a little bit.. but there is far, far “sexier” real clothes of the period. It annoys me that they had to go with bad decolletage clothing for this.

    As far as “better than any other movie”.. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead is still the pinnacle, in my mind, up there with Lion in Winter.