Censoring Me

The impressive Jamie Glazov, editor of the likewise impressive Frontpage Magazine, did a quick but intense interview with me last week.  It was headlined “Censoring Klavan” and dealt mostly with the recent cancellation of Empire of Lies in France.   We did touch on other subjects however.  For instance, here’s me on the Ground Zero Mosque:

“I mean, let’s face it:  what an insensitive, cruel, rude and un-neighborly act it is to build a giant mosque just there.  Yet they perpetrate this insult in the smarmy name of “bridge-building,” and if you oppose what’s essentially a kick in the teeth to the sensibility of any normal human being, you get the full self-righteous religious tolerance lecture from some preening government or media Bozo.  But again, it’s a trap, a ploy.  Religious tolerance isn’t even the issue.  There’s no moral need to approve building a mosque near Ground Zero any more than you need to approve a man baring his backside at a gay pride parade to prove you’re not homophobic.  Tolerance can only exist within some framework of moral and neighborly action.  I know that’s tough to work out, but there’s no way around it.”

Read the whole thing here.

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  • amir dubinsky

    i heard the “mosque” is actually a community center, not a worship place. is that true? and, even if not, do you think the objections being expressed to a religous site are the same that people “came to america” to get aweay from? the people who are here did not attack us did they? or is islam inherently evil? if it is evil, what should we do with th millions of muslims, some who have been here for many generations.

  • http://www.lcweekly.com Margaret Evans

    Looking forward to that spiritual memoir, Andrew! (And don’t worry. Keats had TB. You don’t… )

  • RightWingHomosexual

    Andrew, stick to your guns.

    The Ground Zero Mosque / Park51 / Cordoba Initiative / Islamic Tolerance Center is a foothold, a beachhead into the American psyche with one clear objective: to mainstream Islamic fundamentalism.

    Imam Rauf, a left-wing member of the liberal Taliban seeks one objective: to marginalize conservatives, Christians and Jews by using Alinsky-esque tactics (with the help of the White House, Mayors office and the MSM) and call the 911 Families, survivors racist bigots and “Islamophobes”.

    My own tribe – gays and lesbians – are sadly protesting IN FAVOR of the Ground Zero Mosque. They are the modern day Kapos of the GLBT movement, herding gays and lesbians into a Islamic Auschwitz for which there will be no return.

    Sharia Law = Death.

    We must continue to fight Islamic intollerance, Islamic hatred, Islamic bigotry, left-wing anti-Semitism, left-wing hate and Islamofascism.