Pure Magic

I find magic pure joy.  Sleight-of-hand, card tricks, big box tricks with disappearing girls – I love all of it.  It reduces me to child-like wonder.  So–my heartfelt thanks to the immensely talented magician/comedian Gregory Wilson who recently invited my wife and me to the Magic Castle in Los Angeles.  Very cool place.  You can’t get in without a member invite, but once inside you’re free to roam from show to show, watching some terrific performers do astounding feats of prestidigitation.  Here’s the amazing Gregory himself at work:

Also greatly enjoyed an astoundingly proficient card trick artist named Derek DelGaudio.  I spoke with him briefly after the show and he told me an elder magician once advised him to make his tricks look harder so people would understand how difficult it was to do what he seems to do so easily.  I can well believe it.

A great evening.  If you can catch either of these performers anywhere, I recommend it wholeheartedly.

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  • gabriella delgaudio

    Dear Mr. Klavan,
    I am glad that you enjoyed my cousin Derek Delgaudio. We are so proud of him! I am also glad that you so much enjoyed his perceverance.
    Wishing you the best,
    Gabriella DelGaudio